ekate versus escooter.

Choosing between an eskate and an electric scooter

Some points of reference with the proofreading and friendly comments of Damms (J’irai rider chez vous) and Francois (ANUMME)

Why eskate rather than a scooter ?

  • the feeling, even if my gyro or scooter friends tell me they are having fun
  • I have my hands free to signify that I am going to turn, to protect myself if I fall, to amplify my movements (opening, closing a turn)
  • I can bend down if there is an obstacle (a rear mirror for example) or if I have to make an emergency roll, or simply because it’s fun ; Damms points out to me that with « a scooter your stance is very straight » while with an eskate you are very mobile
  • being on the side gives me strength for a crash braking with my front leg as well as my chest which can push the movement back
  • being on the side allows me to look behind me which is useful in urban situations or when I ride with my friends
  • Francois while reading my list invites me to add a forgotten point « the practical side in transport ».
  • the feeling is soooo much like an off-pist snowboard. Damms puts it well in these words « The feeling of being on a snowboard in an urban environment, with the carve and the old dreams of the movie Back to the Future  » which become a reality (note that, in Back to the Future 2, we are in… 2015 !). There, all is said !


A bit like for the ski lifts with a snowboard or the flats (we are not facing so it’s a bit of a mess, and we don’t have a stick to push so we have to take off your shoes;), the eskate has its limits :

  • in the turns, when it is a little tight, sometimes it does not pass, whereas a scooter or a bicycle can without worries. You have to make a movement if you have a tail or reposition the skateboard by hand. It is feasible, but it is to be taken into account.
  • the lack of vision in the back is a real point of vigilance. Francois, who is a scooter fan but lets himself be tempted by the eskate from time to time said to me “to be on the side, I don’t find it great to look behind the left side. « 
  • the scooter allows you to go much faster (Damms tells me about the dual tron ​​in particular) while keeping a certain mobility, a bit like a small motorcycle, while beyond 40 km / h, it becomes dangerous for an eskate or it remains a very static & linear movement.

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